Volkswagen is the third smallest country in the world...

Volkswagen has been in the news recently, for reasons it probably regrets. The last time I remember the media covering VW, it was the moral panic over Beastie Boys fans nicking VW badges from car grilles (I feel old...)

I had a look at the main factory in Wolfsberg and thought, "wow, that's big". Massive buildings, a lot of railways, and big car and container parks.

But how big?

I thought I'd try to visualise this, by overlaying it on top of somewhere I am familiar with, Edinburgh.

Using equal area projections and affine transformations, I overlaid the VW campus on Edinburgh.

The overall area is over 7 square kilometers. This is about the same area as Gibraltar.

That's bigger than the two smallest countries in the world, Vatican City (0.5 sq km) and Monaco (2.0 sq km).

The main run of buildings would fill an area the size of the Old Town. Its corners would be the Western General, Pollock Halls, Canonmills and Slateford.

If the VW campus in Wolfsberg was a country, it would be the third smallest.