New QGIS Plugin ... Layer Metadata

One of the minor annoyances I find with QGIS is the difficulty in getting at layer metadata. Things like the CRS, filename, layers extents and raster sizes.

You have to go into layer properties, then into metadata, and the info is presented in a very small embedded web page. And there's no easy way to get at the same information in multiple layers.

QGIS Browser is better - it can use more of the screen space - but it's based on Databases and the File System, not layers in the current project.

To get around this, I've created the Layer Metadata plugin.

Where to find it

You can download it from the QGIS Plugin repository here, or by using the normal Plugin Manager window.

It's implemented as a Dock, which you can access after installation using View > Panels > Layer Metadata .

If you use the menu (it's under Plugins) or the toolbar icon, a larger floating window is shown (it's less full-featured, though - but it is more spacious).


  • If you add in new layers, or load a new project, you'll need to click on the big green Refresh button.
  • You can change how layers are grouped using the combo box at the top. For example, use CRS to group layers together by CRS. This is useful for troubleshooting problems with non-matching projections.
  • You can copy metadata values to the clipboard using Ctrl-C. Note: you need to click on the cell in the value column to do this (seems to be how this QTreeWidget works)
  • You can choose which metadata you want to display in the settings tab
  • Clicking on the 'Group By' column header sorts both by group name and by layer name.

Use the source

You can find the source on Github