Visualising the seasons - animations

Found some interesting climate data today at

It shows precipitation, max and min temperates at various grid resolutions for years 1960-1990, as well as climate classification and elevation. Each frame of the animation corresponds to a month of the year.

Thought I'd try to visualise the seasons using animated GIF, using QGIS to render/process and ImageMagick to generate the animations.

Apologies for the lack of legends and month names on the frames, this is pretty tricky to do with the tools I used.

Maximum temperature.

Darkest red is 49C, Darkest Blue -49C, the cyan/green border is around 0C.

Note how the hot band moves north during summer and south during winter.

maximum temperature

maximum temperature

Precipitation in mm.

This uses a non linear scale, because otherwise you'd barely see anything. The insane amounts of rainfall in Monsoon season in Bangladesh eclipses the rest of the world all year round.

Red are the driest areas, and each colour band break is double the rainfall of the previous band, through green to lightest blue. (0mm, 100mm, 200m, 400mm, 800mm, 1600mm+)

Note the Monsoons in June/July/August, and the northward and southward oscillation.

Precipitation, in mm. Red is driest, green medium, blue is wettest.

Precipitation, in mm. Red is driest, green medium, blue is wettest.

Temperature Range, in Celcius

This shows the difference between the historic maximum and minimum temperatures, in celcius, for each cell. The darker the colour, the wider the range of temperatures historically.

Again, this seems to show a north/south oscillation, but the picture is much more varied in North America and Asia.