Modelling the 2015 York Floods

Modelling the extent of the floods in York caused by Storm Eva over Christmas 2015. This shows the approximate extent of the water, having risen by 4.5 meters.

visualising extent of Christmas 2015 flooding in York

The view is from the south, looking North (that's York Minster in the top left). From looking at photos in the news coverage, it looks fairly accurate, at least from the photos I've been able to locate...

The elevation model was based on the 1m resolution Open LiDAR data for England (released under the OGL), cell SE65.

I used SAGA GIS to model the rise in water levels, and a custom Python GDAL script to generate a mesh in Wavefront OBJ format for import into Blender.


I'm not sure exactly how up-to-date this elevation data is... higher resolution tiles have dates (2008), but in this case I couldn't see how current the 1m data is. It's possible that some flood defences might be missing.