2d Wolfram Automata

this video shows the result of a 2d variant of the 1d wolfram celluar automaton. It's a 2d world with wrap-around, with cells either alive (1) or dead (0), similar to Conway's Game of Life.

Each cell is surrounded by 8 neighbours (the moore neighbourhood). This means there are 2^8 or 256 possible combinations of neighbours. I start with 15 'seed' points which are set to 1; the rest of the world is set to 0.

The "rule" is a 256 bit binary number.

For each pixel, I build up an 8-bit binary number (N) from the neighbours' values, starting clockwise from NW. (NW, N, NE, E, SE .. and so on).

The corresponding bit number N is looked up in the rule, and is used as the value for the pixel for the next generation.

Pixels are colourised by the number of neighbours they have.

There are lots of possible rules; 1.157920892×10^77 to be exact.

There are some interesting patterns to be found.

Done with Processing (Python).